General Questions

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  • How do I join a Public Lecture?

    Schedules are created automatically, and are organized by date and time. Then just follow them just by listing public events, and scheduled day and time, so the event is open, just click the Watch button, enter your name and email.

  • How can I give a particular training using the Treina TOM?

    Please contact us stating the time required for the completion of training and the amount of people who will participate. The rental value of the environment will be according to the number of participants and the desired time.

  • Is there any limit of participants in Public Talks?

    Yes. Amount of simultaneous accesses depends, which are specified in the description of each lecture.

  • My guests are not getting the invitations sent by Treina Tom by e-mail?

    1 -Check e-mail address registered on the guest list is spelled correctly;

    2 - Check with your guest if the email is not falling in the spam/junk email box;

    3 - If your guest found the invitation in the spam box, ask him to answer the same so that the filter he has to identify the e-mail invitation as not being spam;

    4 - After checking these items, go to the list of participants and resend the invitation to the guests who did not. The deadline for delivery of calls is 100 submissions every 10 minutes;

  • What is TOM Conference?

    It is a multimedia environment conferences and online meetings.

  • Which features of TOM Conference?

    Within the Conference TOM environment, the administrator can add synchronously up to six users at the conference, where he could move windows, change their size, share files and make use of a chat with the participants.

  • Which features of Treina TOM?

    Treina TOM is a multimedia environment and has in its audio features, video, digital whiteboard, chat, codebox, notes, file transfer, feedback and slideshow structure.

  • Anyone can interact in Treina TOM?

    Yes. Interactivity is total. All participants can interact by chat, see, hear or speak, if the presenter give the word.

  • Who can use Treina TOM?

    Businesses, educational or professionals who want to provide training or distance events institutions, besides the guests who will attend the same.

  • I know use the interactive environment and the administrative environment Treina TOM?

    Yes, the learning curve is very low, because the environment has a user friendly interface and easy assimilation. In case of doubt the presenter can access our support area.

  • If I have a problem, I am entitled to support?

    Yes. Besides the help material, all doubts and problems will be resolved by our support.