Terms of Use and Privacy Policy


    a) Treina Tom: creative company of Treina Tom environments.

    b) USER: anyone who has access to the environment Treina Tom in order to attend the course, training, lecture or other event.

    c) Web system: Software designed and developed to enable the decentralized access to information it processed, using, for the specific purposes of this agreement, the World Wide Web - the Internet.

    d) Environment Treina Tom: Web System, designed and developed by Treina Tom, to enable the training sessions and other activities and educational events at a distance, by any interested party.


    2.1. Whereas the environment Treina Tom are based on client-server computing model, access to its facilities, and the information provided by them, will be made exclusively by using software known as "browser" or "browser", which will enable USER to access the virtual room made available by the system.

    2.2. Access to the environment by Treina Tom USER may only occur as provided in Section 2.1., Ie the use of browser (browser), subject to the necessary technical conditions. In the event of the use of any software, or even the use of other computing resources that are not limited to enable easy access, via the Internet, the Treina Tom, we can immediately suspend USER access to the virtual room.

    2.3. Whereas the environment Treina Tom present themselves directly dependent on the Internet for the transmission of data they processed, the USER declares himself aware that any failure or unavailability of this medium will result in the inability to access the system without this implying in failure attributable to Treina Tom.

    2.4. It is forbidden to try to gain unauthorized access to the servers where the Treina Tom environment burbs, so that pipes in this direction will be treated as legal classification in force at the time of the act.

    2.5. The environment Treina Tom enjoy the protection afforded by Federal Law No. 9,609 / 98, and as such, its elements, source code, interface, or any other components that they are integrated may not be copied, distributed, reproduced, transmitted , stored or used for the creation of suitable jobs and / or derivatives, without the express permission of Treina Tom.

    2.6. Rights to the brand "Treina Tom," as well as other systems of identification elements, belonging to Treina Tom. Misuse result in the application of sanctions provided by law.

    2.7. The environment Treina Tom is designed as a tool to promote events, trainings and conferences in the distance, with the help of internet. Thus, meets exclusively to conducting the online event prior notice to the USER the prerequisites for access to cited environments.

    2.8. All resources required to operate the Treina Tom environment should be provided by the USER, at its expense, nothing can be required of the Treina Tom this regard. Trains TOM does not offer any form of support for solving problems arising from the installation, configuration and use of operating resources required to operate the Treina Tom environment, by the USER.

    2.9. Trains TOM is not responsible for the content of courses, trainings and conferences held by third parties that use the Treina Tom environment. All information disseminated, so written, oral or visual, using the environment Treina Tom course are the promoter's responsibility, training or any other form of event held and which is used for both, the system.

    2.10. Trains TOM not responsible for the correctness and accuracy of the information transmitted by virtue of courses, lectures, conferences and events delivered from the Treina Tom environment as well as compliance with the curriculum offered. Such issues are online event director's responsibility.

    2:11. The environment Treina Tom in no event may be used for transmission of any information or material that directly or indirectly is related to racism, pedophilia, prostitution or other unlawful conduct. If this rule is not followed by the USER and the organizer / event manager, the legal responsibilities will be cleared in the face of him who violate this prohibition.


    3.1. THE USER, to join any virtual room of the Treina Tom environment, automatically identified by IP number (Internet Protocol) corresponding to your internet connection.

    3.2. Whereas the proper functioning of Treina Tom environment is directly related to aspects of the connectivity USER Internet, tests for the measurement of connection speed, active communication ports, and responsiveness (latency) are performed in previous time at their entry into the virtual room.

    3.3. For identification before the other, and before the responsible for conducting the event held at the Treina Tom environment, the user must inform his name and the address of your email.

    3.4. For the environment Treina Tom function properly and satisfactorily, it is necessary the operating system identification used in the USER computer, the availability of video resource and their resolution, as well as the existence of the audio device. Finally, the system also checks the "plug" (software) Flash Player with the user's computer, as well as their respective version, in view of the indispensability of such component.

    3.5. Trains TOM is committed not to transfer to third parties the information mentioned in items 3.1., 3.4 of this privacy policy, except in the cases of a court order, as well as access report delivery to the organizer / event manager for frequency control purposes, in accordance with the provisions of section 3.9 of this term.

    3.6. All information obtained by the environment Treina Tom is exclusively the assessment of the technical requirements to use the system. Thus, the Treina Tom shall not search private and personal information of the USER.

    3.7. Trains TOM does not promote the retention of technical information obtained (item 3.4), as the data is needed only during the stay of the USER Treina Tom environment.

    3.8. Everyone involved in the development, maintenance and operation of Treina Tom environment is assigned to the information security policy established by Treina Tom in order to ensure the privacy of all information related to USER, albeit in a highly technical character.

    3.9. For frequency control purposes at the event held the Treina Tom provide report to the organizer / manager, which shall include information on date and time of entry and exit from the USER, as well as your name, IP assigned to your Internet connection and address e-mail whenever the Treina Tom environment is accessed. Meets only the organizer / event manager responsible for the safekeeping and use of such report and the information contained therein.

    3.10. Any questions concerning the guidelines that make up the privacy policy set forth herein may be resolved by the USER by the Treina Tom, using, to this end, the contact made available on the company website.


    4.1. By accessing the environment Treina Tom, the USER / EVENT MANAGER agrees expressly and unequivocally with this entire Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

    4.1.1. Access to Public Events: Public events can be accessed by anyone via a link generated randomly to which the event manager can share with others. Public events are available on the event manager login page, in public events page on the Treina Tom and through RSS site.

    4.1.2. Access to private events: Private events are accessed only through invitations that are sent to the email of people who will attend the event. Where this call will include the URL to access the brief registration user, which is held only once, with the required information name, email and password. The access to the private event always gives the event manager.

    4.2. The provisions of this Agreement may be amended by Treina Tom at any time, regardless of warning or notice, and is applicable to electronic version available at the time of access to the USER environment Treina Tom.

    4.3. All matters relating to the interpretation and applicability of this term should be treated in accordance with Brazilian law, I am elected the district court of Sorriso, in Mato Grosso, to settle any doubt or dispute.